-Submission Guidelines-

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Wherever it Pleases.

 Wherever it Pleases celebrates Christian fiction in all its forms.


We do not accept stories with explicit sex scenes. Any graphic sexual activity should take place “off screen”. This isn't a sex story site.

Wherever it Pleases accepts completed stories, books, works in progress, and story ideas in any genre.

When submitting, we ask that you include the following when applicable:
  • The name you wish to use
  • Tell us if the submission is a complete story, a Work in Progress, or a story idea
  • Genre
  • Intended audience
  • Tagline or brief synopsis of your story
  • Author photo and bio
  • Author website link
  • List of for-sale works with corresponding links
Wherever it Pleases reserves the right to make minor spelling, grammatical, and formatting edits prior to publishing. 

We do not promise to publish every submission, but we do make every effort to make Wherever it Please open to seasoned writers and amateurs alike.


Wherever it Pleases does not pay for submissions.

We accept previously-unpublished material as well as reprints. If you are submitting a reprint, please tell us where and when your story first appeared.

Why should you submit to Wherever it Pleases?

Increase your readership. Wherever it Pleases seeks to become the largest online library of free fiction with an ever-growing readership.

You keep the right to republish your material at any time.

How to Submit:

Please submit your fiction via attachment to WhereverItPleases@hotmail.com

Wherever it Pleases will make every effort to review material as soon as possible and will read on a first-come, first-read basis.

Thank you. Happy reading and writing!
- Steve Wilson