Skadi meic Beorh

(Christmas Eve in RathminesThe Devil & Nathaniel Hawthorne, Heaven in Their EyesInside The Old House on the Corner that Night, Monster-Hunters, Saint Francis and the Lost Girl, The Murder, Quiet Times with Daddy, The Red Shoes)

Website: Skadi meic Beorh

Skadi meic Beorh is also the author of the novella The Highwayman's Tale, the story collection A Crazy Child Called Pinprick, and the poetic study Golgotha. He lives with his wife Ember in a quaint Edwardian neighborhood on the Atlantic Coast.

Kim Bond

(Jerusalem Happened, Old Kal's Cave, The Other Fall of Rome, Petition, The Sinner's Prayer, What I Saw)

Kim Bond holds a BBA and draws on her experience in business writing to entertain readers. Her fiction encompasses spiritual, paranormal, and sometimes absurd themes tempered with subtle humor and honest commentary about society and culture. Her writing has appeared in Residential Aliens and Full Armor Magazine, among other places.

Malcolm Cowen
(The Night that is Different, Unwarranted Assumption)

Website: Malcolm Cowen

Malcolm lives with his wife in Manchester, England. He is the author of Lady of Foxdale and Daughter of the King, both of which are available from The EBookShop. Malcolm is also a long-time software designer and is the owner of Cowen Software Ltd.

Judy Dammons
(Loving Scott)

Judith Dammons is an aspiring author, hoping to publish her first fiction novel soon. She has spent most of her spiritual life in the Baptist church, more recently in service with the contemporary worship. She is passionate about reading, writing, and helping feed people whose blessings are not an abundance of food. Getting out and exploring different places on the earth’s natural beauty is very rewarding to her. Judy’s prayer is to share with others God’s greatness through writings that get a high approval-rating from Him.

Susan Estes

(Among Rocks and Thorns, Heated Words, Sentenced for Life, Storm a' Comin', Where are You Going?)

Susan Estes has ridden horses since childhood. She respects guns and target shooting is a favorite hobby. Her growing years were sans-television but, during that most impressionable stage, access to over eleven hundred books acquired by her parents inspired a vivid imagination for adventure and good stories.

Susan is a journalist/columnist for the Highland Times, a weekly newspaper covering the mid-Maine area. She is 48 and lives in Palmyra, Maine with her husband, Ivan; one dog, Reno; and one cat, The Cisco Kid.

Jerry Guarino
(First Love)


Jerry Guarino writes short stories and plays. Writing since January, 2011, he has published 30 stories.  His work has appeared in 6 Tales, Apocrypha and Abstractions, Bewildering Stories, Blogcritics, The Blotter Magazine, The Chaffey Review Literary Magazine, Daily Flash Fiction, Daily Love, Eskimo Pie, The Fringe Magazine (Australia), The Glass Coin (Canada), Hackwriters Magazine (Great Britain), Larks Fiction Magazine, Leaning House Press, The Legendary, Litsnack, MediaVirus, Mouseprose, Piker Press, Postcard Shorts, Ray's Road Review, The Scarlet Sound, Scissors and Spackle, Stanley the Whale, State of Imagination (Canada), The Stream Press, Weirdyear, Writing Raw and Zouch Magazine and Miscellany (Canada).

He is currently working on a murder mystery for the stage.

Stephanie Gertsch

(Dog Eyes)

Jeanne Haskin

(The Angel Who Never Was, In the Not-Flesh of Dreams, Undone)

Website: Food For All

Jeanne is a writer of fiction and nonfiction. As a member of Operation eBook Drop, her fiction is made free for troops overseas.

Jonathan P. Hooper  
(Man of Red Clay: A Novel of Adam, The New World Man)

Jonathan Hooper studied English Literature at the University of Wales, Alcuin Blamires, son of C.S. Lewis' friend and pupil, Harry Blamires. He currently lives in Greece with his wife and two children, and teaches English as a foreign language. He writes in his spare time, and considers himself a student of C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald. 

Mike Lynch
(Beyond Horizon's Edge, The Unit

Website: Mike Lynch Books 

Mike Lynch is constantly awed by the wonder of God's creation, which has led to his interests in theology, astronomy, history, politics, and films, eventually turning his attention to writing. He published his first (non-fiction) book, Dublin, in 2007. His first novel, When the Sky Fell, co-authored by Brandon Barr, was published two years later, followed by two other books they've written together, American Midnight and After the Cross. His latest novel, The Crystal Portal, co-authored by Travis Perry, was released in 2011. Mike graduated from San Jose State with a degree in History, and from San Jose Bible College with a degree in Bible and Theology. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

Alice Rose Marquette

(Bitter Fruit)

Alice Rose Marquette is a former research librarian. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry has been published in numerous print and online publications.

Edward Massey

(Chicken Coop)

Website: Telluride Promise

Edward Massey writes to express the heroic acts he sees in the work of ordinary people. This is the fifth story published from his recently completed novel, Sheriff Simms. (Rope and Wire, Frontier Tales, Another Wild West, and Eclectica.) A prisoner interrupts the sheriff’s Thanksgiving Dinner in 1948. In trucks, on horseback, and on foot, he leads the posse through wind and snow, up eleven thousand feet of avalanche danger. Thirteen hours – and a hundred years of heritage – bring him face to face with death. Edward lives in Connecticut with his wife and writes every day. Please e-mail him at

Jenean McBrearty

(Eagle Among the Doves, Hearts and Trains)


Jenean McBrearty served as Assistant Fiction Editor for the Jelly Bucket Journal when she was a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University's MFA Creative Writing program. She reviewed social science and history books for Choice Magazine (2006-2008), was a paid monthly columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper in 2006, and has been published in Teaching for Success, and Static Movement. Recently, her short story, The Prisoners of Gravely Rock, was published in the "Main Street Rag 2011 Anthology", Altered States, and  won the EKU English Department's 15th Annual Award for Graduate Non-fiction this past summer for her memoir, Mexicali Mamas.

Michael J. McDonald

(Angel Dust)

Michael has been published in Quantum Muse e-zine and twice in compilations published by the University of Glasgow Student Association. He received the Caird and Buchanan prizes from the same university for essay writing in the subject of moral philosophy and is currently working on a novel. Michael enjoys reading and writing short stories.

Al Miller


Al was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He loved to write stories from an early age, but has worked for most of his life as an engineer. After a four year stint in the U. S. Navy and several jobs in Indianapolis, he moved to Dayton, Ohio to accept new, more permanent employment.

While attending Linden Avenue Baptist Church in Dayton, he was led to write plays using Bible stories but written in the genre of old-time radio or television programs. He has now completed approximately sixteen such plays, as well as having written some poetry and prose fiction.

Al is an active member of the Kettering Scribes.

Zachary Moll

(Least of My Brothers)

Ashley Suzanne Musick

(The Last Supper)

Ashley Suzanne Musick was born on February 26th, 1989, in Fountain Valley, California, and raised in Anaheim.  Currently, she lives in rural southwestern Kern County where she lives on a farm, works as an Avon representative, and writes poetry and short fiction in her spare time.  Her work has appeared in Wilderness Interface Zone, A Sharp Piece of Awesome, Daily Love, and Rubber Lemon.

Chelsea Phillips

(Finally with the Kids)

Chelsea Phillips is a student at Southeast Missouri State University. She is currently majoring in Elementary Education with a concentration in English/Literature. She is enrolled in a creative writing course that has helped her become an improved writer.

Tom Sheehan
(Charnley and the Blind Man, The Idylls of Staff Bickerston, The Jug at Chaco Canyon, Man with the Black Hearse, The River Thief, The StorekeeperWater Rift

Sheehan served in the 31st Infantry Regiment in Korea, 1951. His short story collections are Epic Cures and Brief Cases, Short Spans, from Press 53, NC; and From the Quickening, from Pocol Press, VA, which also issued his memoirs, A Collection of Friends. He has 18 Pushcart nominations, appeared in Dzanc Best of the Web 2009, and has had 260 stories on Rope and Wire Magazine. He has appeared in 4 issues of Rosebud Magazine and 7 issues of Ocean Magazine. His novels include Vigilantes East, An Accountable Death, Death of a Phantom Receiver (an NFL mystery), and a manuscript, Murder from the Forum (an NHL mystery), is in the hands of a literary agent. His newest book, from Milspeak Publishers, September 2011, is Korean Echoes. The Westering, a collection of short stories, will be published by Milspeak Publishers in 2012, and will be followed by at least 8 more collections in the series. His work is in/coming in Ocean Magazine, Wherever It Pleases, Nervous Breakdown, Stone Hobo, Faith-Hope-Fiction, Canary, Subtle Tea, Red Dirt Review, Nontrue, Danse Macabre, Nashwaak Review, and Qarrtsiluni. 

Note: KOREAN ECHOES is available for purchase at major eBook retailers and at the MilSpeak Books storefront.

E. Charles Smith
(How Come Rocks Can't Talk?, Fishin' With the Lord, The Improvisation

Website: EnnisSmith/facebook

E. has been married to his wife for nine years and has five children. E. is a field technician for a Metro Detroit Engineering firm by day and a writer by night.

Walt Staples 

(Doctor's OrdersFor Rent by Owner, Hospice, Politically Corrected, Wheelman

Website: Variable Credence

Walt Staples spent far too many years thinking the unthinkable for a living. He maintains this has had no effect on him though he admits to a predilection for collecting odd people and an inordinate thirst for Dr. Pepper. While his physical position is generally indeterminable, his heart is firmly located at 38.9N, 78.2W. His work appears in a number of online publications. He is a member of the Catholic Writers’ Guild, the Lost Genre Guild, and the Marine Corps Association (much to the chagrin of each).

Tim Tobin

(Amelia, Bumper Clouds)

Mr. Tobin holds a degree in mathematics from LaSalle University. He retired five years ago from L-3 Communications after more than forty years as a project manager and software engineer. His speculative stories appear in Separate Worlds Magazine, Marco Polo, The Moustache Factor, Burial Day Books, Rainstorm Press and Micro Horror. His western stories and poetry appear on the Rope and Wire web site. Darkest Before The Dawn has published his crime stories.  

Stephen R. Wilson

(All I had to do was AskBlood Evangelists, Coming Home, Forgiven to Forgive, From the Diary of Mrs. Hattie Isabelle Lewison - 1902, The Gifted: Book 1: In the Beginning, The Gifted: Book 2: Coming of Age, Hung, Narrow/Wide (for conversion)Narrow/Wide (on the importance of evangelism), Palm Sunday Perspectives, The PlayroomPossessed?, Receiving the Master's Gift, Theudas)

Website: The Gifted Book Series 

Steve is the administrator of Wherever it Pleases. He is also the owner of Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy Review, where you can read reviews about new and previously released small-press and independent titles from other Christian sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and speculative authors. Steve holds a Master's of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary and is the Pastor of Students and Young Adults at Alpha Church of the Nazarene, near Dayton, Ohio.

Steve is also the writer and publisher of the CLASSICS REVITALIZED book series and the Church History in Modern Language! book series, both of which are also available for free reading at their respective sites. CLASSICS REVITALIZED seeks to reintroduce today’s audience to the timeless classics by paraphrasing original works of literature into modern language. Church History in Modern Language! presents the writings of Christianity’s most notable founders and teachers, translated into today’s language. The meaning of the words is the same – they’re just easier to understand!

Lowell "Zeke" Ziemann

(Dutch Creek Hideout)

Lowell A. Ziemann grew up in the 1940's and 50's. It was the time of TV and Saturday afternoon westerns. It was also baseball's golden era. It was a time of moral clarity. This background, with a strong family culture developed into a love of sports and the history of the Old West.
Participating in basketball and baseball through his high school and college years earned him several honors, and eventual election into the Fairmont High School (Minnesota) and the Augsburg College Athletic Halls of Fame. He acquired the nickname "Zeke" in high school and for most of his older friends, the name Lowell is seldom used.
Following college, he pursued a Master's Degree in mathematics and taught and coached for sixteen years.
After his teaching and coaching days, he entered the financial services field, eventually serving as the Compliance Supervisor for the Arizona office of a Wall Street Firm. He is now semi-retired.
He is married, with two children and four grandchildren and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife, Jean, and their two dogs, Big Nose Kate, and Goldie.
Zeke has acquired an extensive library of over 400 Old West books, biographies, movies, and magazines. He has visited most western historical sites: Dodge City, Tombstone, El Paso, the Alamo, Prescott, Monument Valley, Northfield, and Tulsa, among many others.
In addition to writing, he creates wooden relief carvings that depict characters and scenes of the Old West.
His love of writing Western short stories has developed rapidly over the past seven years. He is especially interested in historical fiction, making certain to set his stories in the correct physical setting, language, and conditions of the time. He has had several stories published.